Thursday, October 22, 2015

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat is well known tourist destination at Cambodia, in which Angkor means “City”, and Wat is the Khmer word for “temple ground”. The modern name for this is “Temple City”.  It is about 5.5 kilometers north of Siem Reap and it’s near from south and was centered at Baphuon. It is the largest religious monument in the world and was originally found as a Hindu Temple for the Khmer Empire. And, it was transformed into a Buddhist temple to the end of the 12th century. 

If planning to travel to Cambodia, don’t forget to visit Angkor Wat as this is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia. It’s a beautiful and historical destination in Cambodia. A tour where you can see the remains of the great Asian Empires and you will learn the history of Angkor Wat. Aside from the history, it is also stunning scene especially during sun rise and sunset. Stay outside the main gates to get the best views. Amazing!

Includes Angkor Wat on your bucket list if you visit Cambodia and enjoy learning of its history and most importantly the picturesque scene of the place!

Have you been here? Do you have memorable moments at this place? Please share at comment box. Thank you.

Photo credit: RC
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