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0 Travel Guide: Fortune Island

Summer would not be exciting if you don’t experience to stay the whole night on the island without lodges and electricity. Sounds interesting, right? Yes! You can feel like you are a survival in a secluded island like Fortune Island.

Fortune Island is a Greek-inspired structure in Nasugbu, Batangas. The island resort was once a private resort owned by the former governor of Batangas Province, Jose Antonio Leviste. The island is 27-hectare land lying about 14 kilometers from the shores of Nasugbu. The beach resort is about 20 meters wide of pristine white sand and has an acropolis with Grecian Pillars and statues on the edge of the island.

The resort is ideally for a day tour, but if you’re an adventurous it would also worth for an overnight camping. Its main features are the Greek inspired structure of Acropolis in Athens.  What were left today are the ruins and the old statues that is one of the highlights on the island.
photo credits: Ron

There are no cottages or rooms on the island that you can secure your things. All you have to do is to find a spot among the ruined buildings or camp under the trees. There’s no store, comfort rooms and water source here as well. So, don’t forget to bring your toiletries, food, drinks and five liters of water as much as possible.

Approaching on the island, you can already see the unique-looking structures on the top of the rocky island which I’m sure it’s an eye catcher.

Fortune Island has a cream to white sand shore and from the top of the rocky terrain you can see the fascinating deep blue to turquoise water that inviting you to take a dive. One can conduct a photo shoot on the edge of the island overlooking the sea. You can pose like Adonis and Athena beside the Grecian pillars and statues.

However, you can also visit the lighthouse of the island. It takes fifteen to thirty minutes trek to reach there. In the evening, you can have your dinner under the starry nights and having a bonfire while sipping your wine. How cool is that?

And, most importantly is to enjoy and embrace the moments while you’re on the island.
photo credits: Ron

Things to do
Explore the island
Dress up and conduct a photo shoot
Take a dive in the deep blue sea
Snorkeling and meet the fish and corals
Bonfire while making friends

Day 1
03:00 AM – assembly at KFC Coastal
04:00 AM – departure
05:37 AM – arrival at Nasugbu (Jollibee), buy food for overnight stay
06:00 AM – arrival at Brgy. Bucana, waited for the boatman
07:30 AM – departure to island
08:30 AM – arrival at Fortune Island
09:00 AM – tent pitching
10:00 AM – brunch, rest, hop
12:00 NN – lunch break
03:00 PM – swim, explore, diving, snorkeling, picture taking
06:00 PM – dinner, bonfire, social
10:00 PM – sleeping time

Day 2
06:00 AM – breakfast
08:00 AM – exploring ruins, light house, photograph
10:00 AM – swim, cliff diving
12:00 NN – lunch
01:00 PM – fixing tent
02:00 PM – back to Nasugbu
03:30 PM – freshin’ up
04:00 PM – sidetrip to Tagaytay
05:35 PM – early dinner at Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
07:30 PM – back to Manila

***we joined a group of 30 people and the organizer will be the one who arranges the van and boat transfer, and the food we consume for 2D1N.

1, 800 php each

Van transfer (Manila-Nasugbu-Manila)
Boat transfer (Nasugbu-Fortune Island-Nasugbu)
Lunch (day 1)
Breakfast and lunch (Day 2)

What to bring
Swim wear
Costume (if you want to have a photograph at the ruins)
Sun block
Snorkeling gear
First Aid kit
Insect repellent lotion
And wear your best SMILE!

How to go to Fortune Island

***Since we joined in a big group, the organizer rented a van and the meeting place was at KFC Coastal.

Public Transportation: Take a bus in Pasay or Cubao bound to Nasugbu, Batangas. Fare is around 200 php – 250 php. Get off at Nasugbu town (Jollibee), hire a trike and tell the driver that you are going to Fortune Island.

Private Transportation: Two routes going to Nasugbu; 1) via Tagaytay in which you can reach through SLEX or Aguinaldo Highway. 2) via Cavitex then Anterio Soriano Highway.

Boat rental is ranging around 3000 php to 4000 php depends on the number of members.

Notes: it takes about forty fives to one hour to get to the island resort. In the afternoon, expect strong waves.

Contact Person:

Mang Dante – (63) 939 489 5292

Mang Chris – (63) 908 722 5658

Monday, May 18, 2015

0 Ubod Falls in Tarlac

If you are hiking to Mount Damas in San Clemente, Tarlac, the guide will recommend you to the falls known as Ubod Falls. This is one of the exciting highlights in climbing this mountain.

It’s about two and a half descent to the falls; it stands at 120 feet high. It is, indeed, a very electrifying experience and refreshing. Surely, you will enjoy hiking this mountain.

How to go to Mount Damas
  • From Cubao, ride a bus (Solid North bus) bound to Camiling, Tarlac
  • Ride a jeep/tricycle from Camiling going to Brgy. Papaac

Contact Person:
Emman – 0908 942 3592

Cubao to Camiling – 265 php
Trike – 100 php each
Guide Fee – 500 php

Please visit my post about my climbed at Mount Damas and the Ubod Falls

Friday, May 1, 2015

0 LeFern Hotel: Affordable Hotel in Baguio City

During holiday season, I had a quick visit in the summer capital of the Philipines, Baguio City! I know it's not easy to find a place during peak season because all hotels and Inns are fully booked. But, I still go and seeking a room for a night is not really easy. After an hour, I finally found a place to stay and it's in the heart of Baguio City.

First photo is from LeFern's facebook page.

LeFern Hotel is located near SM Baguio. It is one minute to Session Road where you can find the Cathedral and restaurants. It is a residential place converted to become a homey hotel. Enjoy and experience their room in a colorful setting. The room is clean especially in the bathroom. It has hot and cold shower, cable TV in all rooms, and a wifi in public places. The staff is very nice and approachable.

On the second floor is the 181 Resto Bar where they also serve quality drinks and food. I got FREE breakfast during my stay. And, there's a convenient store on the ground floor with limited roadside parking.

Indeed, its affordable hotel and a cozy place to stay!

The Pink Room

my Free breakfast during my stay in LeFern
181 Resto Bar

Monday, April 13, 2015

0 Big B Burgers (Location, Prices, and How to get there)

Looking for a burger around Maginhawa Street?  Well, I found another burger upon strolling in the area. I got curious about the Big B signage in one of the establishments in the street. What’s in it? So, I’ve checked in and just filled in line to order. I got Big B quarter pounder burger; it’s actually a beef-bacon patty. 

The place looks clean in black and white color on the wall. The signage and the quotes written on the wall are so witty which makes the resto different from the other that I’ve visited.

44B Magiting St. Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila
(Near Ministop Maginhawa Street)

Burger Price:
Quarter Pounder 99php - 119php
Half Pounder 189php - 229php
One Pounder 299php - 349php

How to get there:
From South, ride a bus going to SM Fairview/Tungko, drop off at Philcoa, then ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are going to Big B burger. It is near Ministop Maginhawa Street.

From North, one can ride a jeep from SM North terminal going to UP Campus, drop off at Philcoa, then ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are going to Big B burger. It is near Ministop Maginhawa Street.

Photos below…

I immediately grab the knife and fork when the burger is in my table. Actually, you can also use plastic gloves. I taste it and it’s delicious with fresh vegetables. I will come back here to try other patties.

One thing that I don’t like is that you will leave with smell like burger. Haha! Maybe, they could improve their exhaust. But, the staff is so cool and nice!

Happy eating!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2 Mt. Pamitinan (Rodriguez, Rizal)

Pamitinan is one of the mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal, which according to PinoyMountaineer it is about 426 MASL. This is the mountain that we are going to climb today. I met Tolits at Jollibee Cubao and we left there at five forty five in the morning after we load up.

Then again, we meet Jeff, Rocky, and Majimen (Jeff’s friend) and we arrived at Brgy. Wawa to meet Emman, the guide.

The trek officially started at seven o’clock in the morning. According to our guide, it takes one to two hours to reach the peak. The trail here is established and the first part of the trail is forested. There is part that requires rock climbing or bouldering that you will definitely enjoy. And, challenging for the beginners, but it is manageable. Just concentrate and take extra careful as the rock is a bit sharp here.

From the summit, one can see Mount Haponang Banoy and in distance is Mount Arayat, the Sierra Madre mountains is also visible here, and a growing towns of Rizal. We’re descended after that and arrived at around ten o’clock. 

This is my 20th official conquered mountains. And, the unforgettable one because it’s my birthday climb, too! 

05:00AM – Meet up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao
05:45AM – Departure
06:45AM – Arrived at Eastwood/Montalban
07:00AM – Trek started
09:30AM – Summit
10:30AM – Descent
12:00NN – Lunch
02:00PM – Back to Cubao

 50Php each – FX from Cubao to Eastwood/Montalban
7.50Php each – Jeep from Eastwood to Wawa
***we gave 100Php each to the Guide

How to get there?
Take a FX/Van bound to Eastwood/Montalban and drop off to Eastwood Mini Stop. Take a tricycle or jeep going to Brgy. Wawa. Meet the guide. 

Local Guide, Emman 0949-395-6589

More photos here...

Happy hiking!
Rooms :

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