Friday, December 5, 2014

0 Christimas in the Philippines: Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi, Misa de Gallo in Spanish, will start from 16th of December and ends at midnight on 24th of December. A Filipino Christmas tradition, there are a series of nine dawn masses, usually starting as early as 4: 00 AM. It is practised by Catholic and Aglipayans, and with some Evangelical Christian, and the independent Protestant churches have adopted the practice in having pre-Christmas services during dawn.

Filipino celebrated with Midnight Mass and the traditional Noche Buena feast. The family member will dine together at around midnight and would also open their gifts at this time.

It is not only out of dedication, but also thanks to practical. In the 333 years was that Spain ruled the Philippines, it is usual that the Friars and priests celebrate holy mass for the Filipinos living in the barrios.

Simbang Gabi begins so early because of the experience of Filipinos under the Spanish Regime.

Also, local delicacies are readily available for the churchgoers; when they step out of the churches. Latik and Yema candies are sold to children. Biscuits like Uraro, Barquillos, Lengua de Gato and Otap are sold as well. Café Barako or Salabat were the main drinks. Arroz Caldo and Papait soups abound. And the famous Puto bumbong, bibingka, suman and other sweet rice cakes are cooked on the spot under the fiery red coals.

Friday, November 28, 2014

2 A Long Walk to Beautiful Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada

Our next destination in exploring Sagada is Bomod-ok Falls -is called the big falls; however, it is the most visited tourist place for both locals and travellers as this is breathtaking view. The waterfalls are about 200 feet tall that splash down to the cold pool.

We registered right away when we arrived and pay five hundred pesos (we are three in the group). A woman in her trekking outfit is our guide will lead us going to the falls. The sun is already up by this time and we started trekking by then. The trail is going up and down and passes in the rice fields. It takes about forty five minutes to one hour walked. It was already jumped-pack with different tourists from different places and countries.

The trail will across through the rice terraces, the houses and barns. Though, it’s hot already and walking on an open field is worth it because the view is spectacular and you can enjoy the scene while trekking. Our guide is very friendly and talkative. She could tell you about their culture and willing to answer some questions.

So, visiting Bomod-ok falls is a must-see and to enjoy the scene and the cold water. Don’t let your Sagada escapade done without seeing this beautiful big falls!

Friday, November 21, 2014

0 Dumaguete: Top 5 Of Best Place to Retire Around the World

According to the Retire Overseas Index, Dumaguete is among the cheapest places in the world to live. And, that’s made the place as the top 5 for The 7 Best Places to retire around the World.

Photo credits: superhappytotravel.blogspot

Dumaguete is the city in the province of Negros Oriental and it is the capital and the largest city of the province. It is also mentioned that the city is also known as university town because of the number of colleges and universities which is popular educational destination for students nearby provinces and cities in Visayas and Mindanao.

It has two seasons; dry season starts from December to May, while wet season is from the period of June to November. The hottest is on April and May. And it is protected against most of typhoons in the Philippines.

The tourist spots of the city are beach resorts, dive sites, and the attraction of dolphin and whale watching and the easy access from Cebu City via ferry. There are three major hospitals in the city.

Here's the The 7 Best Places To Retire Around The World;
  • The Algarve, Portugal
  • Cuenca, Ecuador
  • George Town, Malaysia
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Dumaguete, Philippines
  • Pau, France
  • Medellin, Colombia

Friday, November 14, 2014

0 Akyat Aral: Back to School Project IV

Akyat Aral Org is a non-profit group of mountaineers or hikers are aims to help the children that live in the far-flung mountainous areas of the Philippines.

The program is called “Back to School Project IV”, they choose the Igorot Community in Sitio Palale, Nueva Ecija as their beneficiary. 

It was an invitation from a friend and yours truly want to join the outreach program. Since, I am a volunteer in different groups who organize this kind of event. So, I accepted the invitation.


Palale Elementary School
General Tinio, Nueva Ecija

Arrival at Palale Elementary School

Preparation for the program

Distribution of school supplies

Students from Palale can draw...

Dance number from the students of Palale Elementary School


Day 1 (May 10 - Saturday)
4:00am - Assembly Time at Munoz Macdonalds (quick breakfast)
5:00am - ETD for Papaya, Gen Tinio, Nueva Ecija
8:00am - ETA Papaya Municipal Hall, Buy Provisions at the Market
9:00am - Start Ascend to Sitio Palale (Ride Skeleton 4X4)
12:00am - Arrival at Sitio Palale Elementary School
-Set Up Camp/prepare Program/prepare Feeding Food
01:00pm - Start of Program
05:00pm - Prepare food for participants
6:00 pm - Dinner Time
7:00 pm - Socials
12:00 - Light Out

Day 2 (May 11 - Sunday)
6:00am - Wake Up Call
8:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Break Camp
11:00am - ETA Descent to Papaya Municipal Hall
01:00pm - ETA Papaya Municipal Hall - buy food lunch
02:00pm - ETD for Manila
09:00pm - Welcome home

Another unforgettable memories that I have to treasure. Thanks!

Friday, November 7, 2014

0 Cheap Accommodation in Sagada | George Guest House

I went to Mountain Province with my travel buddies. It was four days of vacation in the beautiful place where I can have a peace of my mind and indulge some physical activities. My friend booked us our accommodations at George Guest House for three nights in a room which good for three persons.

It is located in Dao-angan, Sagada, Mountain Province and only five minutes walk from the town proper, and very accessible to most of the popular restaurant in Sagada.
Blue Room
The location is easy to find. The establishment has a restaurant, too! So, if you don’t feel to go out to look for a resto. Then, you can just ask the staff and they will cook for you. The food is not so special though. But, has reasonable prices.

It is also walking distance to Church of St. Mary the Virgin and the road will also take the tourists to the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves, burial caves and trail towards Mount Ampacao.

The room is clean, with private hot and cold bath, a viewing deck for each room, cable, and wifi is available, but on the upper floor the wifi signal was poor. It is in front when the sun rises. The staff/owner of the hotel is nice, friendly, and accommodating.

Jeff and the owner of George Guest House
photo from GGH website

We appreciated the hospitality of the staff and we satisfied for service, too! So, overall we enjoy our stay. Thanks for visiting!

Happy travelling!

For Room Rates, visit:
Rooms :

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